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Publications and References
(29 July 2009)

  In my brief but enjoyable career as a professional astronomer, I authored or co-authored the following publications:

  1) 1966, "CaII K-Line Variations in the Spectrum Variable 73 Draconis," Astronomical Journal, vol 71, page 378.

  2) 1967, Masters Thesis, "73 Draconis - A Spectrum Variable Star."

  3) 1967, "Spectroscopic and Photometric Observations of 73 Draconis," Publications of the Leander McCormick Observatory, vol XV, Part IV, page 19ff.

  4) 1969, "Atmospheric Structure of K dwarfs," Proceedings of a symposium on Low Luminosity Stars, U.Va.

  5) 1970, "Occultations of the Pleiades by the Moon." Ph.D. Thesis, University of Virginia (unpublished in this form, 1.7MB).

  6) 1970, "Occultation Observations of the Pleiades," Bulletin of the American Astronomical Society, page 182.

  7) 1971, "An Inexpensive Pulse Counter for Photometry of Occultations," Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, vol 83, page 433ff.

  8) 1971, "Photoelectric Occultation Observations of Regulus and the Pleiades," Highlights of Astronomy, 1971, page 700ff.

  9) 1971, "A Preliminary Control Net of Mars," Journal of Geophysical Research, 1971, page 373ff.

10) 1974, "High Resolution Spectrophotometry of Selected Features in the 1.1 micron Spectrum of Comet Kohoutek (1973f)," Icarus, vol 23, page 454ff.

11) 1975, "Binary Pulsar PSR 1913+16: Model for Its Origin," Science, vol 188, page 930ff.

12) 1975, "Helium λ10830Å line in Alpha Virginis A and B," Astrophysical Journal, vol 198, page 551ff.

13) 1975, "AM Herculis, an Unusual Rapid Variable," Bulletin of the American Astronomical Society, page 512B.

14) 1976, "Eclipses of U Geminorum," Astrophysical Journal, vol 206, page 790ff.

15) 1976, "Eclipse Timings of Cataclylsmic Variables," Information Bulletin on Variable Stars, Number 1187.

16) 1977, "The Nature of AM Herculis," Astrophysical Journal, vol 211, page 859ff.

17) 1977, "GD 428, An Unusual Dwarf Cepheid," Bulletin of the American Astronomical Society, page 303B.

18) 1977, "GD 428 - An Extreme Dwarf Cepheid," Presentation at the 150th American Astronomical Society meeting, Atlanta, GA.

19) 1977, "GD 428 - An Extreme Dwarf Cepheid," Astrophysical Journal Letters, vol 215, page L25ff.